About us

The concept of Man Health came out of a relationship between two men Michael and Paul. Both were suffering with depression. Depression was tearing their lives apart. Both men had been unable to discuss their condition with family or medical professionals and had closed themselves off from the world. Through regular daily meetings, telephone communications and then regular exercise Michael and Paul realised that the sharing of feelings and emotions and discussion of the issues around mental health made them feel better within themselves. The encouragement and comradery helped them on the road to getting well. This is how the idea of Man Health was first discussed and then further developed into a Community Interest Company.

We know that peer support offered by someone who has experience of depression can help men. They will open up and discuss their issues around depression and start their path to recovery. It is not an easy thing to acknowledge that depression is tearing your life apart, and it takes strength to admit it and seek help. Depression is not a weakness; it affects 1 in 4 men and leads to many men taking their own lives. Come to one of our meetings and see if Man Health can start you on the road to living your life again.

The groups will be open to men affected by depression to share friendship and support over a common condition. All Man Health groups will be run by men with personal experience of depression. The groups are designed to provide an opportunity to meet new friends, helping to end the social stigma, and loneliness surrounding depression.